“Miracle of the River Pig” up at *Goblin Fruit*

My poem “Miracle of the River Pig”new river is live today at Goblin Fruit, and you can listen to me read it there as well!

It’s a grotesque and somewhat experimental poem for me recounting my experience in the Southern California desert near the New River. I began drafting the poem in Brenda Hammack‘s fairytale workshop with The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative, while I was also reading Frank Bidart’s “The War of Vaslav Nijinsky.”

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading! new river 2

" — Selves like iridescent, 
shining, speckled
shit in the Río Nuevo
frothy foaming stinking desert river
desert in the new world — 
how old were you? fifteen & blessed 
as Santa María,
I’m that lucky pig in the river — 
cut my trotters,
strike my blue-butt,
handle me,
sell me at auction,
devour me."

--Jenn Givhan

Read the full poem here.


Cattle Call Leaves

Photo credit: I.V. Weekly Chronicle

Photo credit: I.V. Weekly Chronicle

My short story (an excerpt from my novel)  “Cattle Call Leaves: A Ghost Story” has been published by Contrary Magazine.

My chest matched the stomping from the arena. How easy it would’ve been to give in. To walk away. How easy it would’ve been to let go. But the sticky yellow girl caught the rutted burial ground inside me, and I knew I couldn’t. “Even so, cowboy, my someone has been around a while, and I think I ought to finish the rodeo with him.”

Thank you for reading.



Labyrinths, Mexicali Strip Joints & Sock Burning

Two of my short stories (novel excerpts) were published online this month and can be read here: “Pyre for Waiting: She May Have Been a Witch” in the Acentos Review and “Labyrinths in Smoke” in Up The Staircase Quarterly. These are both taken from my book In the Time of Jubilee, so here’s your first chance to meet Bianca in her past storyline, in which she is miserable in Mexicali and burning socks. You’ll have to read the book to find out what becomes of her in her present. (Though I can tell you, it’ll get weird…) Thanks for reading, and enjoy! And, please “like” me on Facebook 😉