Jennifer Givhan


In a field where a hot air balloon waits tethered,
children balancing umbrellas and wearing party hats

plant birthday bouquets; where they grow
the swollen bulbs push open the soil

smelling of clay and fingerpaint. Even the sky
celebrates in reverse, hanging like pigtails from a jungle gym.

Not many daffodils or crickets are lucky enough to become fossils,
but here every joule of heat remains inside the balloon.

One might be tempted to drift away now
rather than later.


Natashia Deón, Mother Writer with Attitude and Inspiration

Natashia DeónPhoto Credit Casey Curry

Natashia Deón
Photo Credit Casey Curry

“In the words of Cheryl Strayed, “Write like a mother f’er,” and embrace your struggle as a badge of honor… You are as unique as those who have earned the highest star in battle—a life saver—and you should never let anyone shame you out of what’s meant to be celebrated.”

If you haven’t already, you should meet my good writer friend Natashia Deón. She and I were PEN EV’ers together in 2010, and she’s been doing some amazing things since then, such as creating a reading series in the Los Angeles area called Dirty Laundry Lit that’s catching some major attention. Besides being an amazing writer, community organizer, and practicing lawyer, she’s a momma of two! This lady does it all. I caught up with her this week to find out how she does it and what advice she has for other mother writers. Read on and be inspired (and check out the links to her work such as “Black Barbie” in The Rumpus for even more inspiration).

Interview with Natashia.


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