Jennifer Givhan Miscarriage In a field where a hot air balloon waits tethered, children balancing umbrellas and wearing party hats plant birthday bouquets; where they grow the swollen bulbs push open the soil smelling of clay and fingerpaint. Even the sky celebrates in reverse, hanging like pigtails from a jungle gym. Not many daffodils or […]


Lovesong of the Barren Woman, Poems & An Interview with Jennifer Givhan

2. Looking Glass                    The image in the mirror appears whole                              though I swear I am a fragment. Columnar self, I am my own grotesque other body. I fell asleep inside my pod and woke to red, where oceans are dry as salt flats, where red means lost and lost means dead. (Read the […]


I Sing of PCOS

Today in my freshman English class at UNM, a student wrote that she wishes she knew more about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which she has but doesn’t understand. I remember being her–remember reading about PCOS for the first time in SEVENTEEN magazine and thinking, “Hey, most of those symptoms?–I have them!” I remember the fear and […]