Transformation Masterclass!


You. Badass. Rise!

This masterclass is for all badass writers who know they need to TRANSFORM their lives and start growing into their DREAMS this very moment. 

4-week program during which you’ll learn the secrets of how GRIT can change your life and help you reach your dreams:

Gratitude and




Four mastermind sessions you can rewatch anytime you need an inspirational kick in the booty! 

This dynamic coaching program will teach YOU how to: 

★ Overcome imposter syndrome

★ Phoenix like the badass you are from the ashes of your circumstances

★ Stay resilient af + pivot and sharpen your skills at every impasse

★ Transform your outlook + create a “framework” for creative success

★ Build growth mindsets

★ Shut down your inner critic 

★ Build up the powerful voice within that aligns with your heart-work and creative purpose in this world

★ Speak up for yourself in a way that feels authentic, empowered, and never icky

★ Generate new ideas for how to create the change you need in your life with actionable steps you can begin this very moment

★ And so much more!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this magic!

Your experiences and stories are powerful, necessary, and true. Your community needs your voice and your wisdom. 

You will receive a workbook to create your own transformation clear on the page + an affirmation to help you implement a clear, solid plan that you can begin enacting NOW! 


Transformation Masterclass

Four-week masterclass lessons + full workbook + inspirational badass affirmation + creative muse invocation ritual!


Even more bonus materials because I’ve got you, badass!

★ Bonus Creative Muse Invocation Ritual 

★ Bonus Affirmation Audio + Instruction

Jenn Givhan, Poeta, Novelista, Empresaria

My Mission

My passion is empowering girls/women/femmes and marginalized folks who have undergone personal, communal, and/or social trauma that is inhibiting them from reaching their true creative and energetic potential in reaching their dreams and transforming themselves and their environments/communities.

As a Latina/Native woman who has undergone misogynistic violence and abuse, my passion is to uplift women to rediscover and hone their unique voices, to tell their stories aloud, and to be heard! I reach my tribe through my poetry books, novels, and I’m working on a memoir/self-empowerment book—as well as through my transformational coaching where I teach folks how to write their stories in whatever creative medium they feel most comfortable so that they can get their work into the world!

Whenever a women tells me they’ve been transformed in any way by my books or mentorship, my heart sings that I am fulfilling my purpose. My work has been described as a magical real survival guide; that’s how I seek to empower others—showing the Spirit and strength in the worlds not always visible when we’re seeing how society has devalued and taught us to internalize racist, sexist, ableist perceptions of ourselves.

I have BIG PLANS for Latina, Native, and Black women’s and marginalized folks’ stories represented on the page and on the screen, and I just need the team and time to do it–no more hustling at all the things to make ends meet but really digging deep and serving my communities the best way I know I can—by inspiring and empowering and teaching and sharing the concrete tools for creative success that it’s taken my a lifetime to learn.

My mission is to EMPOWER women and marginalized folks share their stories and make their voices heard!

By participating in this program, you’re helping me in a REAL and CONCRETE way to make my dreams of empowering myself and others a reality… and you will learn strategize and become motivated to make YOUR OWN DREAMS A REALITY NOW.

Claim your power, badass writer!


I’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested but have some questions, shoot me a note! Join me in the transformation, badass writer!