Poems, Stories, and Critical Work




Landscape with Headless Mama (2015 Pleaides Editors’ Prize, Pleiades Press, 2016)









Protection Spell (2016 Miller Williams Series, chosen by Billy Collins, U of Arkansas Press, 2017)









Lifeline (chapbook, Glass Poetry Press, 2017)








Girl with Death Mask (2017 Blue Lights Book Prize chosen by Ross Gay, forthcoming from Indiana Review/Indiana University Press, spring 2018)

The Daughter’s Curse (chapbook, ELJ Publications, forthcoming 2017)

Lieserl Contemplates Resurrection (chapbook, dancing girl press, forthcoming 2017)


Select Journals:

Boston Review: “Fear Your Black Son Will Get Shot in the Front Yard in the Car Listening to Music Reading a Book—” & “The Bowl of Life & the Butcher’s Knife”

POETRY Magazine: “Sin Vergüenza (Como los Pájaros)

Southern Humanities Review: “The Inheritance,” “Protection Spell (Riot’s Eye)” (Finalist 2015 Auburn Witness Prize)

TriQuarterly: “Snakes-Her-Skirt”

Witness: “Curanderisma

Queen Mob’s Teahouse: “Quinceañera” and “Bird Bath (Baño de Párajos)”

Best New Poets 2013: “Karaoke Night at the Asylum” (reprinted)

The Pinch Literary Journal: “Why Birds” (Poetry Prize first place winner)

Indiana Review: “Karaoke Night at the Asylum” (Poetry Prize finalist 2013), “My God, Nieve” (Poetry Prize runner-up 2015)

Kenyon Review Online“Race in America” and “Lieserl Contemplates Resurrection”

Blackbird: “Warn the Young Ones” (forthcoming)

Crazyhorse: “The Accusation”

The Collagist: “Madhouse of Spirits”

AGNI: “Prayer for the Child I Keep Losing”

Blue Mesa Review Poetry Prize: “If the Jornada del Muerto* had a windpipe” (2nd place winner, included in Best of the Net 2015)

Huizache: “Frida Kahlo Visits Me Sometimes in Black & White”

Pleiades: “The Back Roads,” “Tingo* (For Divorce)” (republished in Verse Daily)

The Columbia Poetry Review: “Day of the Dead”

Prairie Schooner: “Carrying Baby,” “Desert Duende,” “The Test,” “The Hunger Artist” and “My God, Rosa and Nieve (Briefly) Believe”

Michigan Quarterly Review: “Volver (Bride Price),” “Fernweh (At Gorge Bridge)”

32 Poems: “Earth,” “Night Shift”

PANK: “Billiards” and “Abiyoyo”

Vinyl: “The Problem with My Eyes”

 Cultural Weekly: “In the Shower With Sunday After Watching Lost,” “Machine for Second Chances” and “Rosa Travels Back to the River, Becomes Her Mama”

The Awl: “Mars One Candidate Alison Rigby”

The Boston Quarterly: “The Empathy Machine” and “Childloss”

Hermeneutic Chaos: “The Change” (The Jane Lumley Prize finalist 2015)

Pooled Ink: “Town of Foolish Things” (2015 Northern Colorado Writers Poetry Contest 2nd place winner)

Diode: “Our Recent Particles,” “Brother I Could Pretend You Were Wolverine”

Drunken Boat: “Tasseography of Pregnancy After Miscarriage”

Plume: “Goldman’s Fake Mother”

Baltimore Review: “Ritual With Fish Water”

Connotation Press: “First Light in Tahoe City,” “Reverse: Ten Years of Marriage,” “Mama Teaches Metamorphosis,” “I’ve Carried an Elephant” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2015)

New American Writing: “Killing the Spider,” “Still Life Reviving,” “Behind the Blue House”

Indianola Review: “Reupholstering a Chair,” “Lifeline”

The Boiler Journal: “Bloom,” “Bird Woman”

Four Way Review: “Nocturne,” “Scientific Balloon”

Passages North: “Nieve in the Desert Circus” (Elinor Benedict Prize finalist)

Sugar House Review: “The Last Act,” “Elegy, for Sunday,” “Miscarriage Interpreted Through Animal Science”

Saranac Review: “The Gift,” “The Perennials” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2015)

Cider Press Review: “Self-Portrait As The Years Between Conquest, Or The Desert Must Sustain Herself”

Crab Creek Review: “Time: Enough At Last,” “Santiago’s Song” (Poetry Prize Finalist 2015), “A Woman Might Want to Fly Away,” “In the Beginning”

Blueshift: “Ars Poetica After Baby Lyuba,” “The Initiation: Three Stories Up” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2015)

Adroit Journal: “Creation of the Birds,” “In the Emergency Room,” “Diabetic Jeffrey”

Tupelo Quarterly: “Mama Hulas with the Eggslice Player One Last Time”

 Superstition Review: “Time Capsule,” “Junkyard Halflight”

Salamander: “You Can’t Squeeze Blood Out of a Turnip”

Waxwing: “Sewing Feathers,” “After the Miscarriage II”

Cream City Review: “Ceremony”

As/Us: “A Daughter’s Maternal Instinct, or The Egg-Thief, Great Grandma, & the Woozy Place,” (short story), “Breath that moves on water / small boat, small rower”

Acentos Review: “Pyre for Waiting: She May Have Been A Witch” (short story)

Up the Staircase Quarterly: “Labyrinths in Smoke,” (short story)

DIAGRAM: “Rummage”

Scissors & Spackle: “Cemetery Nights,” “Dear Trash Mountains,” “Three Wolf Spirits,” “Princess Alice” (finalist for “god” themed issue prize)

Reservoir: “Inca Ice Maiden,” “Returning to Oz”

Tinderbox Poetry: “River Pitch,” “Searching the Skyline”

Arsenic Lobster: “In Situ,” “Clean Kitchen,” “After the Miscarriage” (nominated for Best New Poets 2014)

Stirring: “Bakku-shan* (For Aging)”

Yellow Chair Review: “La Llorona Comes Over for Dinner,” “Day of the Dead” (republished in anthology)

Menacing Hedge: “Blood is blood is” (nominated for Pushcart Prize 2014, nominated for Best of the Net 2015), “Mother Judas,” “Case History,” “Easter Sunday,” “Mrs. Bitterstout,” “The Daughter’s Curse,” “Birthright Disguise,” “Traveling With Leonora Carrington,” “The Demon,” “Night Cropping,” “Resfeber: Re-Membering Trauma”

Origins: “Leaving Anthony,” “Self-Defense, Or What I Wish Mama Had Taught Me”

Fugue: “Mama’s Arm”

The Normal School: “La Lectrice”

Life and Legends: “Prayer,” “Sighting,” “I’m Tempted to Tell You I Love the Coyote”

Tahoma Literary Review: “A Crown for Headless Mama in her 14 x 14 Music Box”

Contrary: “Cattle Call Leaves, A Ghost Story” (short story, Editor’s Choice Prize 2013), “Cleaving,” “What the Water Did”

Rose Red Review: “Coatlicue Defends, Amongst Others, the Tunguska Event,” “Manju Speaks,” “If Eurydice Were My Mother,”Crimson Ends” (nominated for 2012 Best of the Net)

Pedestal Magazine: “Mistaken for Birds, This Love of the Body”

The Más Tequila Review: “Reborn,” “A Boy, Falling,” “Dreams Not Drones”

Red Paint Hill: “Miracle of the River Pig” (reprinted), “Ritual,” “Unexpected Visit,” (nominated for 2014 Best of the Net) “Daughter Prophecy,” “Praise Disruptions”

Goblin Fruit: “Miracle of the River Pig”

Obsession: Sestinas for the 21st Century Anthology: “Chicken-Hearted” (reprinted)

200 New Mexico Poems Centennial Anthology: “Mrs. Francis Na Kai at the Birthday Party”

Beatlick Press La Llorona Anthology: La Llorona Sings Below Sea Level,” “La Muerte Viviendo,” “A Few Small Nips”

The Fertile Source: “Lovesong of the Barren Woman,” “Nine Months Pregnant After Five Years Infertility & One (Beautiful) Adoption” (reprinted)

The Los Angeles Review: “Chicken-Hearted”

The Southwestern Review: “La Llorona Sings Below Sea Level,” “The Henna Poems,” “Buried Child”

The Acentos Review: “Out,” “Palabras: Mama e hija-mujer,” “Mirrors, Wives, & Infants,” “Mary’s Prayer,” “Upon Seeing Another Cross On The Highway’s Edge”

Verdad: “Breaking Through”

Literary Analysis/Reviews:

 Women and Language, “Crossing the Language Barrier: Coalescing the Mind/Body Split and Embracing Kristeva’s Semiotic in Margaret Edson’s Wit”

Latchkey, Murdering the Monstrous Ideal: The Hysterical Mother

 Red Paint Hill, “The Poem as Symbol in Claudia Emerson’s ‘Second Bearing, 1919,’” “Sinewy Modifiers in Tracy K. Smith’s ‘The Museum of Obsolescence,’” and “Metamorphosis in Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s Song

Glint Magazine, Review of Suzanne Burns’ Siblings

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