I am a Mexican-American poet who grew up in the Imperial Valley, a small, border community in the Southern California desert. I earned my M.A. in English Literature at California State University Fullerton, where I was the recipient of the Graduate Equity Fellowship. My poems have appeared in Verdad, Dash, Caesura, Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, Third Wednesday, Cutthroat, Pinyon, Earth's Daughters, Rockhurst Review, Palabra, Prick of the Spindle, Autumn Sky Poetry, Xenith, and Mothering Magazine, and I was the 2010 recipient of the Emerging Voices Fellowship in Poetry through PEN Center USA.

Blood Lotus Journal

My poem “Daughter, Lace Your Fingers to the Sky” which will be included in my full-length poetry collection Red Sun Mother, has been published and can be read here at Blood Lotus. Enjoy!  


Newborn Fragments

      I want neither the sweetness of honey, nor the sting of bees —Sappho   1 will not sleep through the night, not even close —exhausted. never sleep again. i am almost afraid (sleep) dozing off            and i wake. –sick stomach, i am (ripped) out of my dreams. crying help. can’t speak help— sleep! […]


Time and Moonshine

Spaces on this earth tattoo their soiled skins with prints, our opened paws, brief feet, steps of years, motions drawn upon immutable circles— The moon as orange and fiery as the sun itself, one night, parked on the canal side of a dirt road behind stacks of sweet smelling hay, the engine of your pine-green […]