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Poets!! I’m offering summer ms critiques & have a few spots left! Hit me up if you need help at any stage in your manuscript process.

About my editing services, Jessica Walsh says:

“Working with Jenn on my manuscript *Banished* was like going to book therapy—she pointed out strengths and pushed me to see some hard truths. She showed me how to understand my own manuscript better so I knew how to improve it. In addition to marvelous, meticulous suggestions, often on a line-by-line level, Jenn offered me a powerful vision of where the book could go and how to get it there. She recommended books to read for inspiration and sent me craft articles catered to areas I needed to work on the most. I learned how to make the book and my writing life more powerful. When I’d spent some time revising based on her suggestions, the book was finally truly ready—and accepted for publication at the first place I submitted it! What kind of magic is that!?”

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Jenn Givhan’s “Tigers for Tamir Rice” Wins 2017 Greg Grummer Poetry Award, Chosen by Monica Youn

street tiger

the book thinks mothers are fools

of Jenn’s poem, Monica Youn says, “The hypnotic rhythms of the poem create a spell in which guilt and fear and love and sorrow cast moving shadows across the imagination. As a tribute to a murdered boy playing in a park, it weaves together rage and tenderness into an artifact that is as gorgeous as it is troubling.”

Read the entire poem at Phoebe Journal.

Jenn Givhan reads from debut poetry book LANDSCAPE WITH HEADLESS MAMA at University of Central Missouri



“The maternal instinct is a complicated emotional experience for a Latina in an interracial marriage and raising an adopted black son. Givhan’s heartfelt poems don’t come across as sentimental because her angst is expressed through the unsettling truths about the racism in today’s America that her partner faces and that her son will undoubtedly encounter. Channeling her inner healer and her inner bruja, the speaker offers words as solace and safety, knowing this doesn’t always guarantee an uneventful homecoming, “the boy on the street, his too-large cowboy boots/ forever walking home toward his mama. His mama/ forever on the porch, searching the skyline for a hat.” This moving and sometimes painful book of poems is nonetheless filled with positive light and hope.” ~Rigoberto González

Read the full list “9 Outstanding Latino Books Recently Published by Independent and University Presses.”

My chapbook LIFELINE now available from Glass Poetry Press!

Check it out at Glass Poetry Press


Cover art: “The Heart and Hands of Coatlicue” by Gabrielle Pescador


Landscape with Headless Mama in NBC News Latino!

Amid Uncertain Times, 11 New and Necessary Latino Books to Read

LANDSCAPE WITH HEADLESS MAMA COVER (400x608)Mil gracias al maestro, Rigoberto González for including my debut poetry book LANDSCAPE WITH HEADLESS MAMA on this list from NBC News Latino!!

González writes:

“This list of recently published books features fiction, poetry and nonfiction by writers whose personal journeys as women, men, artists or activists are informed by their immigrant and ethnic histories or by their political and spiritual beliefs — values that need to be upheld as xenophobia, division and even hate crimes intensify.”


“This moving collection of poems is Givhan’s literary debut, heralding the arrival
of an edgy and candid voice in Latina letters.”

Micro-Review of Headless Mama in Kenyon Review!

A searing & gorgeous review of Headless Mama in Kenyon Review!

“What splits from this collection is the debut of a poet whose images claw their way out from the dream world and nest in the readers’ eyes. Indeed, this is the fierce work of a poet who cannot and will not be ignored.” –Rajiv Mohabir

I’m so grateful.

You can read the whole review, which gets at the heart of Headless Mama, here.

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