Curanderisma to change your life

I am a bruja y curandera, intuitive healer, and transformational coach who will work with you 1:1 to manifest true changes in your mindset, emotional and spiritual framework, and daily life. I will help you grow to your dreams, which are waiting for you.

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❤️‍🔥 Spiritually-inclined, witchy writers and all y’all looking to heal your energy on or off the page, I’ve got you!🕯Email me at to discuss how we can incorporate these healing elements into your writing practice and/or current project! ❤️‍🔥

Services Offered

Transformational Coaching

Limpia (Energy Healing)

Intuitive Tarot Reading


As a bruja, curandera, intuitive healer, transformational coach, and magical real writer–I am so excited to share my decade’s worth of experience teaching, mentoring, and coaching poets and writers, high school and college students, girls, femmes, women, and marginalized folks with you. I’ve given readings, talks, and workshops nationwide, both on the stage and virtually, on topics ranging from folk magick, curanderisma, brujeria, and energy healing to body image, overcoming shame, entrepreneurship, personal empowerment, and rising from the ashes of traumatic experiences, disappointment, and grief, to poetics, novel crafting, and succeeding in the publishing industry as a Latina woman from the Mexicali border.

Limpia: Energy Healing

This individualized healing ritual will clear and release any negative energy, susto (fears), energetic blocks, attachments, heaviness, males (curses), mal de ojo, generational curses, and entity attachments. We may also use guided meditation, breathwork, intention, and the spoken word, for soul retrieval that may have been caused by trauma; we will not be reengaging the trauma or negative energy but creating a safe, protective, and loving space within the sacred heart for the soul’s return to balance. This limpia may use an egg, herbs, flowers, healing waters, sound, smudge, and tarot/oracle reading to bring calm, balance, grounding, clarity, and healing.

Plática: Transformational Coaching

This transformational coaching session will empower and bolster you to stand firmly in your purpose and to continue growing toward your wildest dreams. As poet Mary Oliver says, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Our dynamic conversation will allow you to uncover the root cause of what’s been preventing you from living your dream life. As your transformational coach I will help you through the power of conversation and speaking our truths aloud with confidence to rewire your brain using neuroplasticity and growth mindset so that you can transform your perception. When we change our perceptions we change our lives, quite literally. Most people rarely notice their limiting beliefs. They’ve become so accustomed to their thinking patterns to the point that their negative belief system works subconsciously. We will work together to banish limiting beliefs to make room for the luminous, wildly ambitious, joyful, wondrous dreams waiting for you.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

In this empowering and auspicious session of spirit and heartwork, I use the cards to channel intuitive guidance for you to answer all of your questions and connect you to your spirit guides. The one hour session is recommended if you have a lot of questions and want a thorough reading of your energy. This session includes a “psychic” reading which is where I receive visions for you from your guides. I can make accurate predictions by looking at the cards and receiving information from other realms in which your guides reside. I am able to look at the path the universe decided for you and inform you of your karma, soul journey and purpose.

Brujeria + Curanderisma Training or Spellwork

This may be my favorite session. In our hour together, you may ask me any questions about brujeria and curanderisma, and how you can manifest your desires and create transformations in your own ritual practice. If you have been feeling adrift in your spiritual journey, I am here to offer you a candle’s light and hand to hold. Alternatively, if you need spellwork done, I can work with you to create a ritual practice suited for your specific needs. When I was a baby bruja searching for answers, I wasn’t sure where to turn. It took many years before I found my way. My mission now is to be the light for others shining in the darkness. You are not wandering alone.

Online scheduling

Feel free to reach out and ask me if you’re unsure which service is best for you at this time, and I’ll help you decide. I can’t wait to start working with you as you transform your life!