Collaborative Poems with Alicia Elkort

Alicia & JennWe didn’t want to be queens Not then—
We wanted not to be hollowed, not to be buried
alive. & when they wrapped us in tarp & threw us to the ocean,
those boys/men who’d shamed us deep [water silence] into brittle bones
where we’d hidden our wounds we wanted
our mothers.

from “Prom Queen[s]” (Missouri Review)


My dear PFF (poetry friend forever) Alicia Elkort & I write poems together & those poems get published! I’m so grateful to the Universe for this beautiful spirit who helps me gather the strongest & truest parts of my soul & wield them into amulets of protection we shape into poems.

Here’s Alicia’s website, where she links all our published collaborative poems (in AGNI, Missouri Review, Southeast Review, & other wonderful journals).


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